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Rover Jrs. NJ Cup 2011 Premier Group Champions
3/6/2013 3:53 PM
Congratulations to the Metuchen Rover Juniors for winning the NJ State Cup 2011 Premier Group Championships.  This is an amazing accomplishment for any team from any club.  It's doubly amazing for a team from small town soccer club like Metuchen Travel Soccer.
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Become a USSF Cerfitied Referee - For Free!
Did you know that USSF certified refs earn as much as $70 per game?  For a limited time, Metuchen Travel will pay for you to become a USSF, grade 8 certified ref.

Terms and Conditions
  1. You must be at least 14 years of age.  If you are under 18, we'll need your parents written permission.
  2. You must complete and pass the certification course.  At which time, you can submit your certification to us and we will reimburse you the full cost of the course.
  3. In exchange for us paying for your ref certification course, you must agree to sign on as a ref with Metuchen Travel Soccer Club for at least one full year.
To find times/locations of a grade 8 certification course near you, click here.  Classes are already full for 2009, but more classes will be offered soon, so keep checking back or contact us for help finding a course.
Uniform Order Form
To download the uniform order form, please click here.
Game Card Roster Labels
Click here to download a Microsoft Excel template to fill out and print your team's roster labels for the game cards.  You will need to get Avery 8164 Labels to print out the template.  Do a test print on  regular (non-label) paper first to check your print settings.
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